Nevs was founded in 1971 by Neville Gates as one of the first model agencies of its kind - setting the bar high within the industry and a benchmark for other agencies to follow.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we bring our clients and the care and attention we give to our models. Nevs operates with speed, understanding and ethics for a broad spectrum of editorial and commercial clients. We have a strong track record when it comes to scouting and developing homegrown talent, as well as sourcing prestigious international models. Our special bookings board promotes a diverse mix of artists and actors.

Paul Cavalier took over the Nevs Directorship in 1996 and Rose Franklin moved to the Board in 2010. After four decades in the business and with the speed and intensity of the industry today, we know that people appreciate a friendly, professional service.

That is Nevs.

Paul Cavalier (Director) // Rebecca Palmer (Head Booker) // Emily Frost (Booker) // Chloe Franks (Booker) // Stephanie Carruthers (Junior Booker)

Boys by Girls caught up with Jeremy Boateng and the rest of his model collective – Justanorm – in their favourite hangout spot in East London. Check out their movements on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

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